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31 December 2013 @ 09:55 am
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This journal is strictly friends-only. Why? Cuz I'd rather share my life with friends who I can trust. If you wanna be my friend, then here are some things you have to do before you add me:

1. First of all, do we know each other? If so, state where we met.

2. Be sure you earned enough trust from me.

3. I don't welcome flames, thank you.

4. Recently, I noticed that my LJ is receiving spam. Kindly stop sending me them, because I'll automatically ignore and delete as soon as I identify them.

5. Absolutely no anonymous comments.
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31 December 2012 @ 08:00 am

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29 December 2012 @ 11:07 pm
Because I'm bored. And since a friend of mine stated that some blog crews here in LJ are filled, I decided to make for myself. With my [current] fandoms only. xD

So what do you do in Blog Crews? Well, all I know is, you just choose the character you wanna be, and it doesn't necessary mean you will role-play the character.

This is open to everyone so hurry while you can, because: 3 claims per user, 3 users per claim. ^_^

Remember to comment the character you want to be. If it's not in the list, then input the FULL NAME of your desired character.

Musashiden SeriesCollapse )

MOTHER / Earthbound SeriesCollapse )
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VOCALOIDCollapse )

To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun seriesCollapse )

Code: (Copy it once you are approved. The rest is up to you.)


Musashiden Series: Brave Fencer Musashi Blog Crew: Musashi
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28 December 2012 @ 11:19 pm
America Canada is my hetalia otp.

Blog Crews
no one in the whole, wide world
is as "MOE" as you,

► Musashiden Series: Brave Fencer Musashi Blog Crew: Musashi
► Musashiden Series: Samurai Legend Musashi Blog Crew: Musashi
► Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) Blog Crew: Yellow

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14 November 2009 @ 12:24 pm
Because I'm bored, nuff said. We're supposed to have Photography 2 class this morning, but our orf texted us he can't come. WTF, and I was having my DSLR up and ready. ;_;

Well, at least a classmate and I used up the free time by reviewing some stuff for our lecture report next week. The one with that damn terror prof, urgh. Surprisingly, we finished reviewing early, now all that's left is summarizing the whole chapter, and we can only do it at home, since we need to present the lecture in a PowerPoint format.

Speaking of that terror prof, because I can feel my strong resentment towards him, I made myself a schedule for myself, just to get better this semester. :/

Schedule for myself
7 - 8 AMStudyCFDAPRAD4StudyPHOTO2Mass
8 - 9 AM-------
9 - 10 AM------Study
10 - 11 AMDraw + Internet-Draw-Go to my best friend's house--
11 AM - 12 NN-PSY1PSY1----
12 NN - 1 PM-Draw-LP2-DrawDraw + Internet
1 - 2 PM-PD2Draw--AD4-
2 - 3 PM--ADPRAC5----
3 - 4 PMGo to Dorm------
4 - 5 PM---Internet---
5 - 6 PM-InternetInternet---Study
6 - 7 PMStudy--StudyStudyGo Home-
7 - 8 PM-StudyStudy----
8 - 9 PM------Draw + Internet
9 - 10 PMDrawDrawDrawDrawDrawStudy-
10 - 11 PM-----Draw + Internet-
11 - 12 MN-------

I really hate my prof in ADRAC5, which is why I'm scared, and the only way to fight back is to show him what I can do. Gahck. There goes my sleeping hours. >_>

And dun worry, I still eat some Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner, alright? At the minimum of 15 minutes. Same applies to the time I Take a Bath.

Shit, if something happens to me, I dunno who to blame anymore. :/
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25 October 2009 @ 12:03 pm
It was fun, really. In fact, I couldn't help but go fangirling all over. I was with gazxiiikiku 's group, even acting as their manager and photographer. The only bad thing is... as the event was about to end, I suddenly had a high fever and heat stroke. ._.

But I'm okay now, really. :'D

ANYWAYS! Onto the pics! :D


Some of the best pics I took.Collapse )

AND AMERICA X CANADA. I'm so glad one America and one Canada are so close together. I'm guessing the cosplayers are really siblings, and they say they like America X Canada too! I guess. xD Heck, they even participated in the wife-carrying contest. 8D

America X Canada!Collapse )
And even before I fell ill with a heat stroke and a high fever, here's yours truly, LOLCollapse )
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13 January 2009 @ 03:27 am
Poll #1330285 Most Fave OC of Mishap Realms

Who's your fave OC in Mishap Realms?

Necromander (Adel)
Cerebrate (Kain)
Pilar (the artist side)
Nenita (the writer side)
Esber (the male side)
Time to see who is the best character of the realms! Good luck everybody! ;)
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20 October 2007 @ 09:21 pm

Alright. Let's see what other people REALLY think of me. I need HONEST results, please. ;o
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